17 03 2011

Our Cars: Charlie Patterson's 1985 Jaguar XJS

Our Cars: Charlie Patterson

Charlie handles classic car valuations for Hagerty International and has a long standing love affair with classic cars. He is most particular when it comes to Jaguars and is delighted when he receives photos of E-Type, SS 100s and various XKs. But any XJS really grabs his attention.

Title: Client Service Advisor

Car: 1985 Jaguar XJS

Why an XJS? My love for the model started in 1970s when my family was based near Manchester and a family friend happened to arrive in an XJS one day. This was a real turning point for me. Up until this time I was smitten with all types of cars, however I will never forget when the speedo hit 100 mph – amazing!  In the early years, I would just stand and stare at this wonderful machine that sometimes came to visit.

Not only was this the first car that really captured my imagination, but then it was featured in popular TV series such as the Return of the Saint and the New Avengers.

Repairs and Modifications (planned or completed): It is my second XJS, and since I acquired it in 2003 I have upgraded the brakes, suspension bushes, steering rack and put on a TWR front and rear bumper skirt. The cost of repairs and modifications have equaled the cost of the car!

Favourite Drive: The best drive I have had in the XJS was when I participated on Hagerty’s annual Drive It Day event in 2009 and I got to take the car on the Silverstone Circuit. To be on the hallowed circuit with my XJS was a moment I will not forget.

Worst Moment: It has to be when I set fire to the car! I didn’t realise at the time, but the old callipers were worn. The trusty XJS powered through the problem, but soon there were flames licking at the alloys! I was about a mile away from home and without a fire extinguisher. I attacked the flames with my jacket and managed to quell the fire without causing any serious damage..

Best Moment: I recall sitting on my grandmother’s lap, showing her old XJS manuals and sales brochures, stating that one day I would own one for myself. The best moment was when I arrived at her house and took her for a ride. It was a dream realised and was very special!

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    Tangela Most help articles on the web are incacurate or incoherent. Not this! July 24, 2017 at 2:24pm
    Most help articles on the web are incacurate or incoherent. Not this!