28 January 2013

Top 10 automotive quotes

The automotive world has spawned some memorable lines in business, racing, film and music. Here are some of the all-time greatest:

If God had meant for us to walk, why did he give us feet that fit car pedals?”

– Sir Stirling Moss

I spent a lot of money on booze, [women] and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.”

– English football star George Best

It doesn’t cost any more to make something pretty.”

– Jaguar Cars founder Sir William Lyons on the design philosophy of his firm

The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

– Sir Henry Royce on the value proposition of the Rolls-Royce automobile

I make my cars to go, not to stop.”

– Ettore Bugatti, in response to a customer’s complaint about the antiquated cable-operated brakes on the Bugatti Type 35 sports car

Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.”

– Enzo Ferrari’s response to the dawn of the aerodynamics era in racing that was ushered in by companies like Jaguar and Porsche.

Second place is just the first-place loser.”

– Dale Earnhardt

A gentleman does not motor about after dark.”

– Joseph Lucas, founder of Lucas Industries

Ayrton has this problem — he thinks he can't kill himself.”

– F1 World Champion Ayrton Senna's greatest rival, fellow world champion Alain Prost

Ferrari’s a&$ is mine.”

– The late Carroll Shelby colorfully vowing to take the world sports car constructor’s championship from Ferrari

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    Clive A. Harrington U.K. January 31, 2013 at 13:13
    Some excellent quotes under that heading. How about some motor racing ones now (for which "Second place ..... etc" above is a good one) , but how about starting with Alun Jones' typical Aussie response to a commentato after winning a GP and being asked "What part did tyres play today?" Answer - "Well they kept the wheels off the tarmac" !!!!!!!!! All the best Clive
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    Richard Taylor Scotland January 31, 2013 at 14:09
    "Booze, birds and fast cars.." was what he actually said, and did he indulge himself! His motto was a short life but a merry one. He'd have been horrified to be called English though - he was a proud Ulsterman.

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