27 02 2013

Tour Britannia will get your engine revving

Gentlemen, start your engines … Tour Britannia is a unique event in British motor sport and team Hagerty Insurance is hoping to contest again this spring.

What sort of event is Tour Britannia?

Tour Britannia is what you’d call a race tour and is based in the UK. In 2013 it will be a two-day event. Participants will be provided documentation, briefing and optional co-drivers’ teach-in on the evening before the start.

The headquarters base hotel this year is at Warwick. The event has a cloverleaf format, with a loop each day before getting back to base early each evening. This allows crews time to wind down and share their day’s experience with fellow competitors before dinner.

All cars must be road legal to drive from one venue to another. Participants will take in a race circuit each day and have special stages and regularity tests on private roads, hill climb courses and sprint courses, and the entire route is on asphalt.

Is it the type of event that would suit me?

There will be a series of different classes within the Regularity Category and Competition Category to suit all types of pre-1981 cars, and all crews with varying levels of experience.

Regularity Category competitors will participate in consistency tests on the race tracks, special stages and two road regularity tests each day.

Competition Category competitors tackle the special stages against the clock and have a race each day as well.

In addition there is a catch-all Category called Targa Britannia, open to any age of car which does not fit into the Competition Category.

Are competition licences necessary?

Competition licences are not required for the Regularity event. In the Competition and Targa Categories the driver needs a National B race licence and the co-driver needs a basic Rally Licence (or higher in both cases). These are the basic level competition licence.

Is the navigation difficult?

The objective is to get the competitors easily and safely from one venue to the next, with no trickery. Most sections of the route will feature scenic, traffic free, quiet roads, but there are times that the path will feature a minimum section of motorway route. Competitors are given an easy to follow road book with tulip diagrams, and the road book will also be available on the event website seven days before the start to allow competitors time to study it if they wish. Furthermore, there is an optional co-drivers’ teach-in after documentation the night before the start where all questions can be answered, no matter how trivial.

Is my car eligible?

Basically, Tour Britannia caters for all cars built up to 1981, and Targa Britannia is a catch-all for all later cars. If you are not sure, just send an e-mail to info@tourbritannia.com with your query.

What kinds of cars compete?

The event has seen entries ranging from pre-war Austin Sevens and Bugattis to Jaguars, Ford Escorts, Ferraris, Minis, Porsches, MGs and Bentleys – just about every type of car you can imagine.

Can a first-timer join in?

Most certainly yes. You don’t have to be a complete motoring anorak to enter: far from it. Families enter, and some of the father and son or father and daughter crews have really enjoyed the chance to have an adventure together and in the company of like-minded people.

Who organises Tour Britannia?

Tour Britannia is organised by competitors for competitors. The objective is for all to enjoy the event, whether they are beginners or seasoned racers. All are welcome.

What is included in the entry fee?

Once the event starts, everything except your accommodation is included. There will be a block of rooms at the HQ hotel. When you enter you will receive a code so you can draw down whatever rooms you want from the block booking.

How do I find out more and secure an entry?

Just go to the website www.tourbritannia.com and download an entry form.

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