04 04 2014

Owners get into the spirit of National Classic Car Day

Today is National Classic Car Day, announced and arranged by Chris Evans, the DJ and classic car aficionado who presents the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2. The idea behind the day is as simple as it is commendable: drive your colleagues to work in your classic car, then donate the petrol money you save to Children in Need. We’re not entirely sure why Evans chose today for the occasion – he seems to have made the decision on a whim during his radio show on 24th March – but it seems as good an excuse as any to give your own classics a run out for the day’s commute.

Many of you have been getting into the spirit of the occasion – here are our favourite posts celebrating the day from the world of Twitter.

A classic collection via Bicester Heritage:

A bubble car via Richard Bromell of Charterhouse Auctioners & Valuers:

A 1996 Ferraro 330 GT via Hexagon Classics:

JC Payne shared this handsome Triumph Herald:

Oxon Apprenticeships feature a model in their classic car shot:

A Vauxhall 101 via Hannah Gordon:

Matt of Speedmonkey.co.uk shared a photo of his Porsche 924s

A classic Toyota:

The chairman of Perrys Ford Capri:

V6Clio.net shared this shot of an R5 Turbo in action:

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