07 07 2014

Car Club Q&A: Fiat 500 Club UK

This week we caught up with Janet from Fiat 500 Club UK.

Why the Fiat 500?
Because air cooled, rear wheel drive, compact and cheap at the time plus sunroof, brilliant simplistic design and everybody smiles when they see a 500.

Where did your love for the Fiat 500 start?
When we were on honeymoon in Jersey in 1960 we hired one and also a frog-eye Sprite but liked the 500 better. We always had Fiat cars in one shape or form ever since and always a 500 and currently have a Cinquecento, 500C and various classic 500's.

What is your favourite classic car event of the year?
Classics on the Common at Croxley Green.

How many members does the Fiat 500 Club consist of?
We currently have around 350 members

What's the best thing about being a member of the Fiat 500 Club?
The places we visit here and abroad and especially all the friends we have made again here and abroad. In fact have been to places we would not normally visit.

What does membership of to the Fiat 500 Club involve?
We issue a Fiat 500 News every two months. We organise events abroad and in England and if fact we are off to Ireland later this year. We can offer technical advice, help with getting the car registered with the DVLA. Help with advice for spares etc. and try to help any member with their questions.

How can one sign up to the Fiat 500 Club?
To join the Fiat 500 Club the can contact me on membership@fiat500club and any classic book or even phone calls. The fee is £20.

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