20 03 2015

Meet the Team: Ian Arthur’s Series IIA Land Rover

If you read the Sunday Times, you may have noticed a story that featured one of our client service advisors: Ian Arthur, proud owner of a Series IIA Land Rover.

The article was the first in a weekly column in the Sunday Times Driving section entitled ‘Me and My Classic Motor’ and focused on the relationship Ian has had with his Land Rover ever since his father purchased it when Ian was four years old.

Despite having the front end of a Series III Land Rover, Ian noticed the chassis number was much earlier, and after some help from the DVLA, he had a new log book and registration plate issued.

The Land Rover, or ‘Red Landy’ as it is known in the family, has had a busy life with the Arthurs. Bought as a stop-gap replacement for a stolen car, Ian not only had his first experience of driving (aged six) in the vehicle, but also learned to drive it on the roads many years later.

This year, Ian is paying for the Land Rover to be restored to its former glory, and finally to have its original Mark IIA nose reinstated!

Ian’s son Nathan also featured in the article, and is now a minor celeb in his village, near our headquarters in Towcester.

A link to the full article is here : http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/ingear/cars/article1526856.ece

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