31 05 2016

The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe by Julian Parish

Veloce’s Essential Guide to Driving in Europe has just hit the shelves, and we were given a copy to review.

The book, like the others in the series, is a glovebox-friendly A5 paperback with 144 pages. It is packed with useful information, and covers a total of 50 countries, each separated into chapters covering various geographical areas.

Each country section includes a descriptive paragraph, illustrations of key road signs, and sections on roads signs, driving equipment requirements, tolls and general rules. All of the above is supported by easy-to-read icons.

There are also general sections covering subjects like towing, travelling with pets and travelling with classic vehicles, and maps of key ferry port environs.

This book might be most useful to those who don’t regularly use the internet- after all, the most up-to-date information on various country’s road regulations is available there, and the book’s details and maps may become outdated in time. However, where we found it most useful was for unusual details that were clearly laid out: pages on the main roads and tunnels through the Alps, for example, and which could be used by caravans. This sort of information could be difficult and time-consuming to find on the internet.

We can imagine this book being read on the ferry or in the Channel Tunnel, just to have a final check of the regulations before any continental journey. It’s all really useful stuff and at £9.99, it is great value.

The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe, written by Julian Parish is published by Veloce www.veloce.co.uk or tel 01305 260068, ISBN 978-1-845847-88-3, RRP £9.99

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