Drive it day

About Hagerty’s Drive It Day Tour

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs® ‘Drive It Day’ takes place every year to help raise awareness of the large and important extent of the classic vehicle movement in the UK. Hagerty takes this opportunity to run an annual Drive It Day Tour for 100 classic vehicles, with the dual aims of increasing historic vehicle exposure and raising money for charity. Drive It Day is traditionally held on a Sunday at the end of April.

The Federation is a grouping of over 450 clubs and museums together with some 1500 trade and individual supporters. Their aim is to uphold the freedom to use old vehicles on the roads without any undue restriction and to support its member organisations.

Hagerty International is pleased to support the Federation with this event, and in 2018 will once again be hosting its own Drive it Day® celebration. The aim of the day is for everyone to have fun, enjoy the cars, the drive, and the company of like-minded enthusiasts.


The 2017 route was 80 miles and took approximately 2 ½ hours. Each received a ‘tulip’ style road book detailing places of interest throughout the duration of the route, starting at Towcester Racecourse and finishing at Bicester Heritage. Each car was also provided with a commemorative Rally Plaque.

At the conclusion of the route, Bicester Heritage held their regular Sunday Scramble event where Hagerty hosted its live Valuation Arena. In conjunction with experts from H&H Classic Auctions, Classic Cars magazine and the online classified site, this offered the chance for owners to have their car assessed, photographed and professionally valued. Please check before the 2018 event for information on booking this service.


Subject to the terms printed in this form, cars registered before 1st January 1990 may be entered subject to places being available. There is a limit of 100 cars. In 2017, there was a wide range of classic vehicles, from modern classics such as the VW Golf GTI and Datsun 240Z to older classics such as the Bentley R-Type.

Charity Donations

Entry, which has been organised by Hagerty International Limited, is free. However, one of the aims of the day is to raise money for various charities. We respectfully request that each entrant send a minimum of £25 as a donation towards these charities, and in 2017 we raised over £2,500 for Kidsaid, a charity providing therapeutic support for children who have undergone trauma.

2018 Drive It Day Tour Details

More details about the 2018 Hagerty Drive It Day Tour will be announced shortly. In the meantime, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter here or follow us on Facebook here for more news about this and other Hagerty events.