Celebrate your unexceptional car!

Festival of the Unexceptional: A Concours de l’Ordinaire, brought to you by Hagerty

Saturday 23rd July 2016 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Fed up of car shows full of unobtainable million-pound Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Astons? Celebrate the normal cars instead: praise the Princess, glorify the Granada, applaud the Allegro and cheer the Chevette! Come and salute the best examples of the most ordinary cars of late 1960s through to mid-1980s Britain.


Now in its third roaringly-successful year, Hagerty’s Festival of the Unexceptional, a Concours de l’Ordinare returns in 2016. We will raise a toast to the cars that used to be in every driveway, but now are simply vanishing. With more Lamborghini Diablos on the road than all the Hillman Hunters put together, we aim celebrate and recognise our endangered automotive heritage.

Participation is open to ‘normal’ classics from 1968-86 and their exceptional owners. We’ll bring together the 75 best examples of a wide range of models to be judged by a group of unexceptional ‘experts.’ Prizes of limited monetary or aesthetic value will be awarded.

Although the concours has a limited number of places, visitors are welcome and fully encouraged to drive their unexceptional cars to the event. We also thoroughly approve of appropriate period clothing: slacks, cardies, slip-on shoes and string-backed gloves will all be much appreciated, especially if on the spectrum of beige colours.

If you have an unexceptional car and want to enter the concours, please upload a photo and tell us why your car deserves to be one of the 75 at the show.

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Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Park
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Saturday 23rd July
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Look at our gallery from last year to see some of the models we considered unexceptional. In short, they need to be those cars that used to be everywhere, but now just aren’t seen. Nothing too flashy, as we love the base models. The condition of the vehicle must be as good as new where possible. Please remember that the car the rest of the world might refer to as unexceptional is actually, we believe, truly exceptional.