21 06 2018

Shift Happens: Classic Porsche 912 Headliner

Fitting a headlining to a classic car is one of those daunting tasks that can hold up a restoration. You generally only get one shot to get it right, and an ill-fitting, loose or scruffy head lining is not a pretty sight. However, until it is fitted, you can’t install the glass.

In this video, Hagerty Editor John puts his money where his mouth is and, with some expert advice, goes about the process of fitting a new headliner to his classic Porsche 912. He learned some very valuable lessons along the way, and a few tips and tricks to help others fitting their own headliner. Although this video is for a classic Porsche 911/ 912, these hints should be useful to anyone fitting a head lining in their classic car.

Remember, this is just a record of John fitting the lining: if you want to do it yourself, you do so at your own risk.

Click on the picture above to play the video.

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    Adam Manchester June 27, 2018 at 6:19pm
    You're a braver man than I.... well done