19 09 2018

Shift Happens, September 2018

A regular round-up of what Team Hagerty have been up to.

Classic Question Time

This year, Hagerty’s annual Classic Question Time moved from Beaulieu to central London, at RM Sotheby’s London auction. The panel consisted of Paul Darvill (RM Sotheby’s), Paul Hudson (Daily Telegraph) Jonathan Turner (Bayford Group), Dave Kinney (Octane and Hagerty), John Mayhead (Hagerty) and compere Gary Axon (Goodwood). A wide range of topics was covered from the effects of Brexit, the state of the classic car market, the impact of emissions legislation on the historic vehicle movement, and more. CQT was broadcast live onto out Facebook page where followers were encouraged to ask questions of the panel.

The Hagerty Renaissance Meeting

This is covered in detail in a separate article but suffice to say the team had a superb outing at Bicester Heritage where Hagerty showed a live feed from the Goodwood Revival, including unique interviews with drivers and other personalities. The event, free to enter but with donations going to charity, was booked out some time before the event and will return in 2019. All cars attending were of the Historic Tax class, and many dressed in period clothes; our highlight was Hagerty Managing Director Angus Forsyth’s uncanny resemblance to Roger Moore in The Saint outfit, including both Volvo P1800 and white plastic shoes! Ste Applegate drove a 1930 Austin Seven van, but also managed to sneak in his Citroen 2CV, despite it not being pre-1978!

Racing and Rallying

Angus was busy last week too, completing the Wolseley Vintage Car Run in Southern Ireland in a 1933 MG K2. Marcus Atkinson is preparing for the Hero Challenge, but two years of hard rallying in his Mini have taken their toll and it is in for a full engine rebuild. As a result, he’s now planning on using a 1968 Series IIA Land Rover! Meanwhile Tim Sawyer tried out his new 1971 Ford Escort on the Ross Traders Rally with mixed success, but at least it gave him seat time before the Rally of the Tests in November.

Fleet News

Dan Goff’s Rover SD1's odometer has stopped working for some unknown reason and a bush joint has gone resulting in an occasional knocking noise from the nearside front but otherwise it is running brilliantly. His Cavalier (which gets harder use to be fair) has needed a new back box as after some fairly spirited Bruntingthorpe driving caused a weak weld to give way and it has developed a minor oil leak on a rear wheel (axle seal?) which needs to be fixed prior to the November Sun Run in France. John Mayhead’s Porsche 912 restoration is continuing: the carpets are now almost entirely in, the wiring is nearly complete and most rubber seals have been fitted. He’s now aiming to have the car complete for next Spring.

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