• Video: Homemade KITT 'Knight Rider' replica car

    By Hagerty on 09/09/2013

    Chris Palmer needed five Pontiac Trans Ams, numerous visits to eBay, countless hours of work and the generosity of several friends to recreate the car that starred in the hit 1980s television show 'Knight Rider.' More

  • Video: 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Ride Along

    By Hagerty on 08/08/2013

    The Aston Martin DB5 may be best known as James Bond's most iconic ride. In our latest video, Gooding & Company's Garth Hammers explains why the car has such staying power. More

  • 50 Years of Lamborghini: Chief test driver tells all

    By Hagerty on 24/06/2013

    As the Italian marque marks its 50th year, former Lamborghini chief test driver Valentino Balboni talks to Hagerty and Jay Leno's Garage about his experiences with the company. More

  • Video: Little known facts of the Tucker


    The short-lived Tucker 48 is a car with something of a sordid past. In our latest video, Hagerty’s Dave Kinney debunks a few myths and provides some little-known information about this unique automobile. More

  • Video: Porsche 911 takes on winding roads


    Celebrate the Porsche 911's 50th birthday by checking out our latest video, in which we take to the roads with 1981 Porsche 911 SC, accompanied by a throaty aft... More