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  • Cuban Barn Find

    By Hagerty's Cars That Matter on 12/11/2010

    When Fidel Castro seized power in 1959, the playboys left – but without their toys Just 90 miles south of Key West, Florida, Cuba remains on... More

  • Canadian is crazy for Cobras

    By Hagerty International on 12/11/2010

    Real Shelby Cobras are such icons in North America that they are usually only seen at shows, for sale at auction, or being vintage raced. More

  • Porsche 911s dominate scenic Tour Britannia

    By Paul Hardiman on 11/11/2010

    Tour Britannia - that unique mix of races, special tests and regularities for all-comers - moved north this year on September 7-9 and centred on Chester, whe... More

  • The Historic Endurance Rally Organisation

    By Hagerty International on 11/11/2010

    If you are looking for a classic car reliability trial (or tour) that will shake you and test your stamina, or for a “novice level” event that is guaranteed ... More

  • Proposed changes to motor insurance law

    By Hagerty International on 09/11/2010

    The Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) regulations were laid before Parliament in October 2010, introducing an offence to be the registered keeper of a v... More

  • Vancouver's All-British Field Meet turns 25 again

    By Paul Duchene on 08/11/2010

    What’s billed as the biggest gathering of British cars on the West Coast swooshed silently, chugged and blatted into VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver ... More

  • Tips to Keep Mice out of Stored Cars

    By Hagerty on 02/12/2009

    If you're a classic car owner, chances are that you've had to store your car at some point. More

  • Ten Tips for Winter Storage

    By Griot's Garage on 04/10/2007

    It's that bittersweet time of year. More

  • Spring Battery Check-Up

    By John Gunnell on 02/05/2007

    Before doing any service to a battery, keep in mind that the storage battery in your car produces gases that can explode if a spark or flame ignites them. More

  • Time For Re-Tire-Ment?

    By Hagerty Plus on 16/10/2004

    The condition of your tires is an important issue because your treasured collector car is riding on them! More