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Classic Car Club Insurance

Hagerty can meet the unique insurance needs of your car club, helping make your club events as successful as possible.

We can help your members with discounted insurance and valuation advice. And we can help you run a successful club by providing you with insurance commissions, free editorial and other benefits, as well as offering extremely competitive liability insurance.

We Support the Obsession

We are not here simply to sell insurance. Because we are the only company in the UK specialising in insuring classic cars, and because we are run and staffed by classic car enthusiasts, we want to support your club and help it grow. We attend local events, national events and even international events so you and your members can get to know us, and ask our advice.

Classic car club member discounts

Hagerty provides discounts for members of your club, recognising that club members are traditionally safer drivers.

Valuation advice

Hagerty has a robust comprehensive and up-to-date database of classic car values that can assist your members in getting a good understanding of the value of their vehicles.

Commissions paid to classic car clubs

Hagerty will pay introductory commissions to your classic car club for each member we insure that you have introduced to us. That way your club will be rewarded for recommending the insurance that is right for your members.


Hagerty produces 18 newsletters annually. We will happily include information about your club to help raise the profile of a specific club event or some club news.

In addition, we are also very happy for you to use the information in our newsletters in your club magazines.

Club liability insurance

Hagerty can offer an annual policy that will cover all aspects of your club’s activities. Public and employee liability cover levels between £1 million and £5 million can be provided.

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