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What Classic Cars Do We Insure?

Hagerty offers full classic car insurance coverage for a huge variety of stock and safely modified classic, collector and antique cars and bikes.

We always try to be flexible in our underwriting, but essentially we insure classic (pre-1990) cars and classic (pre-1980) bikes including the following:

  • Veteran Cars / Pre 1910

    We insure veteran cars from the dawn of motoring including pioneering tricycles from around the world. Examples include De Dion Boutons, Panhard et Levassor, Renault, Benz and Ford.

  • Vintage Cars / 1911 - 1950

    The pre-war years saw some amazing machines, most of which were built to last. We insure all manner of vintage cars including Bentleys, Austins, Morris, Bugattis and Rolls Royce.

  • Classic Cars / 1951 - 1970

    We provide classic car insurance for a huge range of enthusiast cars such as the MG and Triumph, as well as marques like Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Ferrari and Aston Martin. This era represents the bulk of our business, and we live it, owning a great fleet between us including Ford Escorts, Minis, Land Rovers and Volkswagen campers.

  • Modern Classic Cars / 1971 - 1990

    We insure many post- 1970 classic cars such as the BMW 2002, Mercedes 280 SL, Porsche 911T. From the most affordable enthusiast classic car to the most exclusive one-off, we can help provide an insurance policy to suit most requirements.

  • Future Classic Cars / Post 1990

    We often insure post-1990 vehicles that were developed as concept cars or in very limited edition. These future classics also enjoy exceptionally low mileage, are increasing in value and have iconic or cult status. These vehicles will also form part of a multi vehicle policy.

  • Historic Race Cars / Transit & Storage

    Cars still raced on the historic race circuits, sometimes in specific period events. Examples include Lola, Abarth, Chevron, Porsche 917.

  • Classic Motorbikes / Pre 1980

    Any bike built before 1980 is eligible for our classic bike insurance scheme. Examples include Brough, Norton, Triumph, Honda and Yamaha.

What We Don't Insure:

  • Drivers under the age of 25.
  • Inexpensive home-built car kits that do not replicate a classic vehicle.
  • Drivers with poor driving records.
  • Any vehicles used for off-road or utility type driving.
  • Pro-street vehicles modified exclusively with racing features such as roll cages, wheelie casters, nitrous systems, parachutes, etc. (Consideration may be given to show-use only vehicles).
  • Regular-use vehicles driven on a daily basis.
  • Vehicles used primarily for commercial use.
  • Caravans.
  • TVRs after 1980.
  • 1990 or newer vehicles doing more than 3,000 miles per annum.

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