About Our Prices

At Hagerty, we are able to provide highly accurate values in the classic car world thanks to two major factors: our data and our expertise.

This data consists of intelligence gathered from the following areas:

  • classic car auction activity
  • classic car dealers
  • details of the values of private sales as reported by our willing insured clients
  • a constant review of estimated values from the UK’s favourite classic car websites

The collation of this data coupled with our market expertise is what sets us apart from other guides and companies.

Our analysts go to great lengths to understand the individual reasons that a car sold for the amount it did, and then place each sale into the larger context of the market. It is this insight we deliver to you.

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Please note that all values displayed in the Hagerty Valuation Tool are based on various data sources and do not imply agreed value insurance coverage in the amounts displayed. In the event of a claim, the agreed value on your policy declarations page is the amount your vehicle is covered for, even if the value displayed here is different.